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For The National Assessment Governing Board
Role: Designer

The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) is the largest nationally representative, continuing evaluation of the condition of education in the United States. The National Assessment Governing Board is the independent, nonpartisan body that sets policy for NAEP.

NAEP informs the public about what American students know and can do in various subject areas, and compares achievement among states, large urban districts, and various student groups. It is essentially The Nation’s Report Card, which happens to be another name for it.

This means that tons of data is being collected across the whole country, and it all needs to be decoded into formats that are usable and accessible. Contributing to that undertaking, I created several infographics for The Governing Board that attractively visualize complex quantitative and qualitative information.

NAEP Mathematical Practices Infographic

This infographic is relatively light on text, but the language is somewhat technical and dense. It describes how students are assessed in NAEP Mathematics using key mathematical practices, and formally defines those practices. It is a lot to absorb for anyone.

In order to make the practice definitions as easy to grasp as possible, I wanted to illustrate the key concepts behind each one. After reading and rereading the definitions, and scanning through different mathematics rubrics online, I sketched and finalized custom icons to represent each practice. The icons in combination with the infographic's bright colors and organic shapes makes the content less intimidating and more approachable.


TUDA Score Improvement Infographic

Urban school districts that are large enough and meet certain requirements can participate in the Trial Urban District Assessment (TUDA), which shows their performance over time in comparison to other participating districts. 

This infographic highlights the TUDA districts that achieved the highest, statistically significant improvement in 4th and 8th grade math and reading scores in the past decade. 

To keep the graphic from becoming a repetitive collection of bar graphs, I used icons of students to personify each section. The 4th grade math student is shown doing basic mathematics, while the 8th grade math student is dipping their toe into algebraic functions. The 8th grade reading student is reading a much denser text than the 4th reading student.


NAEP Score Improvement Infographic

Similarly to the above, this infographic shows the states/jurisdictions with the highest, statistically significant improvements in 4th and 8th grade math and reading scores in the past decade.


TEL Infographic

Not all of the infographics for The Governing Board display strictly score-related data. The Technology & Engineering Literacy (TEL) assessment included questions that asked students how they learn about and experience technology.


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