NAEP TEL Release Event

For The National Assessment Governing Board
2018 NAEP Technology and Engineering Literacy Release
Roles: Event materials designer & production manager
On-site designer

The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) is the largest nationally representative, continuing evaluation of the condition of education in the United States, also called The Nation's  Report Card. Every year, new data is released for a different NAEP subject. In 2019, the previous year's results for the Technology and Engineering Literacy (TEL) assessment were released. 

As the main designer responsible for the release event, I created a bright and engaging look that stemmed from the TEL Framework cover. The signage, presentation deck, printed materials and social media all carried a coherent theme. This helped to engage both the in-person and livestream attendees, and give the release event an air of sophistication and excitement fitting of the subject matter.



Printed Materials

I designed and coordinated print production for several documents, including a biography packet, an agenda and a one-pager filled with background information on the assessment, the subject, and measurements standards.



The event took place in a unique and thematically appropriate venue, the SECU Daily Planet Theater of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. The theater is a completely spherical space, designed to look like a globe from the outside.

The expansive space of the museum, plus the fact that school groups were still visiting meant that a lot of different signs needed to be produced and placed to guide event attendees and crowd control museum visitors. I managed the design and production of the event signs, three of which are featured below.


Presentation Deck

For the PowerPoint presentation, I wanted to make the slides as appealing as possible while also keeping the content and layout 100% flexible for last minute adjustments that typically up until and on the day of the event. Slides from other speakers and also needed to be incorporated the day of, so the design needed to be flexible and not too stark. In addition to designing the deck, I also worked alongside the museum's A/V team and the event's video producer to run the presentation and switch input sources when needed.


Social Media Graphics

The release required a series of social graphics to be used before the event, and also created and posted while it was happening. I made both finished graphics and editable templates in Illustrator for a digital team member to populate with quotes and content the day of.

Screen Shot 2020-04-05 at 6.17.35 PM
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