Hi! I’m Annette, a DMV area-based

Hi! I’m Annette, a DMV area-based

designer, illustrator, operations enthusiast,
and strategic partner.

designer, illustrator, operations enthusiast, and strategic partner.

I enjoy collaborating with kind, dedicated and service-minded teams working to improve quality of life for individuals and communities. I'm currently helping improve access to mental healthcare at Talkiatry.




More to come.


“Annette is one of those unique creative professionals who can do it all. She's a very talented graphic designer, loves all things organization, is able to see the big picture and ask good questions, and is a pleasure to work with.

She's mature, thoughtful, and a great problem-solver. She is definitely the designer you want working on your projects!”

—Debbie Rappaport, Designer at The Hatcher Group

“I'm struggling a bit to find the right words to express my admiration and appreciation for Annette. First and foremost, in my mind, is that she is a great listener and collaborator. Rather than fall back on how she/we did things before, Annette is one to push the design envelope and find fresh new approaches. She also is a great communicator whose professionalism, intelligence, and warmth helped smooth out many challenging conversations and projects.

As a project manager, I leaned on Annette to work with clients to help clarify their vision so that we could translate it into clear and compelling final products, from detailed infographics to social media images and publication designs. She will be an asset to any project lucky enough to have her as part of the team.”

—Robert Johnston, former SVP at The Hatcher Group

“I had the pleasure of working with Annette as a colleague and as her supervisor since I joined the Hatcher Group. In addition to superior design and illustration skills, Annette brings a level of professionalism and attention to detail that is hard to match.

Annette is always willing to learn new skills and help others. She is determined and able to think strategically. She is organized and analytical and ready to lead and manage projects and logistics surrounding the team operations. She brings peace of mind to clients and supervisors alike. Anyone would be lucky to work with such a great designer and person."

—Marzia Motta, Art Director at The Hatcher Group

“Annette was an incredible addition to our programming team for DC Design Week 2022. She was always two steps ahead of me and kept her work moving, even during weeks when I was held up with other priorities. She was incredibly flexible and responsive when there were deadline challenges.

Most importantly, she communicated expertly with her community partners. I am incredibly impressed with Annette’s abilities to manage projects, particularly with a multitude of different personalities working outside of the DCDW committee.”

—Alyssa Huntley, AIGA DC 2022 Programming Director

Let's chat: aedallena@gmail.com

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